About Us
Akdeniz Shipyard was established in 2007, in the southern part of Turkey by Ceyhan-Yumurtalık region. Having a total area of 175.000 m2  the shipyard aims for the shipbuilding and repair/maintenance services.
Within the private sector, Akdeniz Shipyard holds the distinction of being the largest shipyard of Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean in terms of area and capacity.
Sailing before the wind of Akbaşoğlu Group’s 35 years of effort and experience in shipping, Akdeniz Shipyard has set sail in the direction of leadership in shipbuilding sector throughout the region.
15.10.2019 Our France New Building Project NB 25 M...
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11.01.2019 Our Gibraltar New Building Project NB 2...
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14.12.2018 Our Icelandic New Building Project NB 2...
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Address Informations

Yumurtalık Serbest Bölge
Ceyhan - ADANA
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Tel : +90 322 634 22 25-26-27-28-29
Fax : +90 322 634 22 30

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